Marketing Strategy

Market Research and Planning

Our management team is 100% dedicated to making sure that your program is set up for the long term. We are not interested in coming in to quickly spike your sales only to have your program fail due to lack of planning and follow up. Our entire program is built to give you the results you desire year in and year out. Our team will work with you to gain a clear understanding of your mission plan, your current and past strategies, your goals and most importantly how we can get everyone in your firm working as a team. Once we understand your goals, we will help you formulate a plan that incorporates the IFPA marketing programs that best fit you. We understand that all funeral home operations and communities are not the same. We have the resources to help you understand your community better than ever before and the support to implement the plan we agree upon. You are in control, our job is to make sure what we agree upon is implemented to your satisfaction.


Relationship Selling & Lead Management

We realize the importance of creating and maintaining a path to run on. One that will keep your sales people and ultimately your entire program organized. IFPA became dedicated to Data Based Marketing in 1997. No one has more experience and success with lead management in the funeral industry. Our program, MyLeadLink, is not off of the shelf, it is a custom-built program specifically designed for our profession. It becomes the cornerstone of support to your sales team and ensures long-term success. It is designed to make sure you are the one a family thinks about when they are ready to make a buying decision. Let us show you how MyLeadLink has paved the way for several million dollar producers over the years. We would be happy to set up a demonstration of this system in person or via webinar at your convenience.


After Care

After Care is the corner stone to any great pre-need program. If implemented properly, this program will generate more pre-need production for your organization in the long run than any other program. After care not only locks in your current market share, but it grows market share through our Family and Friends marketing sequences established in our data base system. Our Guide Book series is proven to be the perfect tool to reach out to survivors after the funeral. Guide Book-1 is the industry’s best tool in showing the primary informant everything that they need to do to get their affairs in order after the death of their loved one. Families are constantly sharing their thanks for the information this book provides. Guide Book-2 is shared with them in a timely manner well after the service to inform them of their planning options. This process perfectly sets up contact with the entire family and friends of the family over time. The IFPA data base system perfectly keeps up with all contacts at their pace and the end result is many current and new family members committing to their own arrangements with you.


Grief Support

IFPA has partnered with Dr. Jason Troyer, a grief expert and psychology professor, to provide your organization with the Finding Hope series of aftercare booklets. Dr. Troyer’s booklets are personalized to widows, widowers, and bereaved adult children and will provide your families with comfort and support following their loss. Furthermore, he has written booklets for the anniversary of the loss, a Holiday booklet, and a booklet for assisting grieving children. These cost-effective aftercare products support the families you have served and help build relationships with the next generation. The booklets can be customized with your contact information and logo. Visit for more information about Dr. Troyer’s Finding Hope series of aftercare booklets. The prices you see on the flyer reflect the 15% IFPA discount you will receive from Mt. Hope. Be sure to mention that we are partnered up when you order your materials. 

Pathways Aftercare Cards & Booklet Program

IFPA and Dr. Jason Troyer of Mt Hope Grief Services have partnered to create Pathways, a compassionate aftercare system. The Pathways system will show your families how much you care about their ongoing needs and will help further build positive relationships. Dr. Troyer designed the greeting cards and booklets (which are customized with your information) to provide a comforting and hopeful message. You can choose from several different packages of greeting cards and booklets that are automatically sent to the families you choose. The Pathways program is a simple, yet powerful way to engage your families and lay the groundwork for pre-planning conversations.

Direct Mail

Community awareness is a big part of our program. Direct mail, if done properly can generate much awareness and increased sales. IFPA handles all of your direct mail needs. We will help you customize messages that will address the competitive situation of your market. All demographic studies, printing, mailing and lead tracking are handled through our office. We even enter the leads into the data base for your counselor to insure perfect follow up. We have a great variety of proven pieces to choose from, or we will can simply create whatever is needed to be successful.


IFPA Work Shop

  • Designed for small groups
  • Invites are created from targeted groups within the data base that have not yet committed
  • Workshops are usually held at the funeral home
  • They are highly interactive and a full arrangement is completed during the process

Senior Solutions Seminar Series

  • These events are typically held at civic centers, senior centers, churches or restaurants
  • A variety of speakers are coordinated to cover
  • Medicaid
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Elder Care (Such as an attorney)
  • Fitness
  • Financial Planning
  • And yes you guessed it—Preplanning and Funding options

These events are low cost and can be organized to be entertaining, not just about funeral planning. People appreciate them and they are a great part of Community Awareness for your firm. Our team specializes in helping you organize these events, we do the invitations and help you present.


Does your business need help with social media planning, implementation, management, or engagement?

Our Social Media Experts Can Help!

We specialize in social media solutions for the death care industry based on each firm’s unique business goals. Whether you want to reach out to your community, increase followers, run a contest, or drive targeted leads to your website… our expert social media marketing team can help your firm experience social success.

With over 1.55 Billion users, Facebook touches roughly 1 in 5 people in the world proving just how vital it is to the success of your organization.

Currently 72% of online American adults use Facebook. It only makes sense that companies utilize the power of social media to enhance their online presence and engage their customers.

The average American spends 40 minutes each day on Facebook — 15 percent longer than any other social media network. Those Facebook users are sharing roughly 1.3 million pieces of content every minute. That gives you ample opportunity to get in front of your audience.

If you have shrugged off social media in the past, because you Facebook Statisticsthink your clients aren’t using it, think again. All age groups have a strong presence on social media, with users 65 and older making up the fastest-growing age bracket in 2015. That expanding segment is followed closely by 18- to 29-year-olds.

Social media is one of the most effective means to drive attention to your business and drive revenue to your bottom line.

Relationship building is a priority for successful businesses in the death care industry and social media is a very productive way to do that. It provides you with the opportunities to capture the attention of your audience and have conversations with them that convert to business on the books.

Social media isn’t just about connecting with customers; they’re researching your business and if you don’t have an active presence it will hurt your credibility and your bottom line.

Recent research suggests that before using a business, 90 percent of customers will research it online and 88 percent find online reviews just as trustworthy as personal recommendations.

A full 86 percent of people will hesitate to purchase from a business that has negative online reviews. Social media is today’s “word of mouth” and that is why reputation management is a crucial element in your social strategy.

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If you are tired of “the grind”, lack the internal resources, just can’t find a way to increase your followers or monetize your social following then we invite you to contact us today and see what our social media experts can do for your social presence.

We Can Help.

Our experts will create a custom strategy that will engage your customers and create lasting relationships, while maintaining a positive social presence for your organization online.

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Social Media Marketing
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Social Engagement & Growth
Social Business Consulting

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