For the last few years, I have had the privilege of working with Doug Hoog and the IFPA team. Being in the funeral industry all of my professional life (30+ years), and having worked with other pre-need companies, hands down it has been one of the best decisions that I have made in going with Doug and his team. The IFPA team allows me to concentrate on doing what I do best and that is creating substantially more pre-need market share. Prior to joining them, I always felt that I was “bogged down” in time-wasting details that took away my focus where it needed to be with other companies. Since being affiliated with Doug and the rest of his staff, the market share has increased dramatically. I focus on what I do best and the IFPA team handles the rest. Whether it be marketing, or outreach programs, or just a question, you get straight answers the same day! Doug and his team are honest, ethical, professional and loyal. If I was to describe Doug and IFPA in only two words it would be: TOP NOTCH!

Making the change to IFPA and IFPA Total Solutions, has made a great impact on our marketing.  They have monitored our accounts and fine tuned them, to where they are most effective.  Both Matt Kreidenweis and Jeff Finney, have been excellent to work with.  They take the burden of marketing and advertising from us, so we can focus on our families.

We have had an after-care program for many years here at our funeral home. But with our partnership with IFPA, using their program, we have been able to more efficiently minister to our families following the funeral process. Also, the program allows us to track our contacts and has opened the door to the extended family members, giving us the opportunity to assist them with pre-planning and ministering to their needs. We are pleased to be affiliated with IFPA and look forward to many years of partnership.

The database is my lifeline. It does a lot of the work for me and keeps my contacts organized. Without it I would not be the producer that I am!”

I use the IFPA data base daily. By sending letters you can build a relationship with the clients so that when you do call them, they already have a connection with you. No more cold calls.

The IFPA staff is the lifeline for my business. I truly feel comfortable in saying that I can reach out to them 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for the support I need to be successful.

IFPA has successfully implemented programs for our funeral home for over 20 years. Each year the IFPA team along with our staff sets goals and IFPA delivers on what is needed to reach those goals.

Prior to our affiliation with IFPA we had a very active pre-need program of our own. IFPA has been able to increase our sales by more than 25%

While learning the database system in my home, the support staff at the home office was, and still is, very helpful and cooperative.