IFPA has proven several times over to be the best preneed partner we at Carl J Mowell & Son Funeral Home have ever worked with in the funeral business.  They answered every question from the onset and helped us create a marketing plan with true personal attention.  Matt Kreidenweis especially has gone above and beyond to assist us.  Their relationship with Homesteaders and Mt. Hope with Dr. Jason Troyer, has been an enormous asset to our business as well.  I feel like IFPA truly cares about our business and our reputation in the community.  I look forward to many more years of working with them.

Several years ago I came to the conclusion to elevate my preneed program to the production level that I wanted I would need the assistance of a 3rd party marketing firm. I had an existing business relationship with Homesteaders Life Insurance Company and was provided the opportunity to meet with IFPA. Soon after that, we started our partnership. Now several years my preneed program has experienced substantial growth in sales and revenue. In preneed business, I have learned that there is not one magical solution. IFPA recognizes this as well and has provided continuous training and recruitment of counselors, an easy to use database system, direct mail, aftercare and grief support materials, as well as a rewards program. As our profession has continued to evolve, so has IFPA. For example, they have developed new marketing techniques through social media with a program called Media Path. I am positive that with our continued partnership with IFPA we will be able to operate our preneed program successfully. If your funeral home is considering a 3rd party marketing company, give them a call, you will be impressed.

The encouragement provided by all the folks at IFPA is priceless.  The ideas to expand a pre-need program are imaginative and are workable for every funeral home. They understand how important pre-arranged funerals are for the future life of the funeral home.

Training with Dianna Budd

“I am happy to share what a difference Diana’s training made for me.  I had so very much to learn, having no experience in the funeral industry.  I did attend the workshop in Decatur in October 2015.  I learned a lot and did have a good month.  I was also studying to take the state insurance exam.  I didn’t feel very supported inside this funeral home, and to be honest, was quite overwhelmed.  But, I think Diana’s visit here for individual training and a Lunch & Learn really made the biggest difference in my business.  Her presence in the funeral home and conversation with the owner and general manager was a turning point as well.  She helped me get organized and got me set with what I needed to become knowledgeable and professional while doing my job.  She is so patient and kind!  Diana is easy to talk to and problem solve with.  Working with Diana gave me so much more confidence to claim my place here and do the job that she and Gary trained me to do!  I now feel valued and appreciated.


I did have a sales background which has helped.  I was in direct sales for 12 years.  I was pretty successful and earned several awards and trips.   I’ve worked in collections for a major moving company for 2 years.  Then, I went to the medical field and worked in a doctor’s office for 3 miserable years.  It was such a blessing when Gary offered me this chance to work with these families doing aftercare and selling pre-needs.  I am very much a people person and I feel this is a good fit for me!


I cannot say enough good things about IFPA!  It has been my lifeline.  I spent those first few months going thru the last 2 years of funeral business and putting it into the database.  I did that when I really didn’t know what else to do.  Therefore, I have plenty of people to call when I need to make calls!  I LOVE that we have Book #1 to give our family along with those death certificates.  I’ve had so many people tell me how helpful it was and how they appreciated it.  I learn something every month on our phone call too.  Everyone is so willing to share what’s worked for them. I feel my success in 2017 is a blessing from God first.  The database makes it so easy to keep up with your people and when to contact them.  Consistently making my calls which led to setting appointments which resulted in families giving that ultimate gift of love and pre-arranging their funerals. That is the key to success in my opinion.  I’m blessed to be a part of IFPA!”

Leisa Pitchford

Sunset Memorial Park

Midland City, AL


October 6-7, 2015 Training with Dianna

August – December 2015 $71,941


2016 $301,914

2017 $974,201

Making the change to IFPA and IFPA Total Solutions, has made a great impact on our marketing.  They have monitored our accounts and fine-tuned them, to where they are most effective.  Both Matt Kreidenweis and Jeff Finney, have been excellent to work with.  They take the burden of marketing and advertising from us, so we can focus on our families.

The database is my lifeline. It does a lot of the work for me and keeps my contacts organized. Without it I would not be the producer that I am!”

I use the IFPA data base daily. By sending letters you can build a relationship with the clients so that when you do call them, they already have a connection with you. No more cold calls.

The IFPA staff is the lifeline for my business. I truly feel comfortable in saying that I can reach out to them 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for the support I need to be successful.

Prior to our affiliation with IFPA we had a very active pre-need program of our own. IFPA has been able to increase our sales by more than 25%.

While learning the database system in my home, the support staff at the home office was and still is, very helpful and cooperative.