Training Motivation

No Worries Recruiting

We offer incentives to your staff to help us find someone local that we can all trust! In addition to referrals, we place proven recruiting Ads with popular Social Media and On-Line systems

We do the screening and narrow it down to the best candidates for Your Final Decision!

Our Goal is to find a hard-working, honest professional that is coachable and passionate about helping others while building your market share!
All at our Cost!

Essential Planning Guide

We have been around long enough to remember the bulky stand up flip charts that family service counselors used to present the benefits of pre-planning. No one likes a lengthy and boring presentation, but they do want facts and detail. The IFPA Essential Planning Guide is a four panel 8×11 tri-fold that:

  • Keeps the Counselor on Track
  • Covers the Five main reasons people Pre-Plan
  • Heads off Objections
  • Ends with the IFPA – 4 Steps of Pre-Planning
  • Is a Great Leave Behind Piece to review with their family later

This piece is also used for Seminar and Workshops as well as educating the caregivers in your community of your services. Once your Family Service Counselor learns the IFPA Presentation of The Essential Planning Guide, they will be able to follow up on any lead professionally and effectively.

Boot Camp

IFPA Boot Camp is an interactive week of training with two of the best producers in our profession. With combined sales experience of over 30 years, Dianna Budd and Phil Fought have created the industry’s best field training program. Boot Camp is a hands-on live sales experience that has proven to improve the selling skills of sales counselors at any level in their career. Whether they are just starting or looking for increased sales, this program works. The training modules created for this training program are used in all aspects of field training throughout IFPA. Boot Camp training modules overcome the following challenges to every sales counselor:

  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Presentation Skills
  • Handling Objections
  • Funding Options for all Budgets
  • Seminar Skills
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Lead Management

Cross Training

We are fortunate to have long-term relationships with many of the top producers in the nation. Select members of this group have qualified to be IFPA Field Trainers and Team Leaders. These individuals allow other sales counselors to travel with them in the field to experience real-life sales situations. The results from this program have been outstanding. IFPA is a firm believer in sharing what works. The best way to show someone how to be successful is to demonstrate it first hand, and that is exactly what IFPA Team Leaders do to help others become more successful.

Area Meetings

IFPA sponsors Area Meetings on a regular basis. These events bring a region of sales counselors and team leaders together for a day of high powered sharing. It helps us to learn from each other and to develop better skills. Funeral Home Owners attend these events as well which creates team work among everyone in the region. What develops over time is a networking system and team support that proves invaluable.

Monthly Conference Calls

On the first Wednesday of each month our entire sales team and in many cases funeral home owners come together for a 45-minute conference call. This call follows a preset agenda, but it is designed to spark interesting conversation about how to properly handle various situations. We mix in some fun motivational topics and recognition. The result is everyone leaving the call with a couple of good ideas they did not have when they picked up the phone. Just another way we keep morale, team building and attitude at a high level.

IFPA Meeting of Champions

This is an annual tradition with IFPA since 1997. All those that attend work hard to earn the right to come back. This is a three-day event that recognizes anyone that sells a net $500,000 or more in the 12 month time specified for the event. The Meeting of Champions is an exclusive event that shows our top producers and their guest how much we appreciate them. It begins with an awards ceremony, followed by two days of a whole lot of fun for all.

The IFPA Sales Scene

This is our monthly publication that goes out to all sales counselors and funeral home owners. The front shows the top producers for the month and the back always has incentive information or motivational pieces. It is fun to see so many call and congratulate each other when they receive this piece. Or maybe ask them what they did to have such a great month. A lot of good competitive fun comes from this e-mail and everyone looks forward to receiving it.

Homesteaders Marketing

We work closely with the marketing experts at Homesteaders. These individuals are dedicated to finding the most productive way to reach out to your community. IFPA and Homesteaders agree on the high level of integrity that must be sustained throughout any successful pre-need program. We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to work with the many individuals at Homesteader that constantly put forth the effort to help us market more efficiently and effectively. You will have a direct link to that will give you endless support with information about your customers, marketing supplies, product information and family services.

Homesteaders Leaders Conference

In addition to our incentives, Homesteaders offers the finest trips in the business. Top producers from around the country gather annually to enjoy some of the most beautiful places in the world. We are fortunate to have many qualifiers each year. We would love to have you join us!