Discover a Benefit Designed for You When You’re Away From Home and the Unexpected Happens.



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The Advantages of a Guaranteed HOME ASSURANCE TRAVEL PLAN


• Worldwide membership benefits

• Extensive network of providers to assist you anywhere, anytime

• Elimination of confusion and stress

• Experienced help in time of need

• Language barriers eliminated

Membership benefits you and your family. With just a few simple steps you can help safeguard your family from unnecessary financial and emotional stress at a time of loss.

It helps your family by:

• Eliminating the confusion of what to do

• Preventing unexpected financial loss

• Providing a toll-free number to experienced staff who will arrange all the  details needed for preparation and transportation to the funeral home of your choice

• Completing your pre-arrangement plans Smart, Simple, Responsible… Protect Your Family, Your Estate and Yourself

Membership in the Home Assurance Travel Plan offers Peace of Mind

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Key Benefits:

• Return of Mortal Remains when you’re 100 miles or more away

from your legal residence

• Identification of a local, licensed funeral home, mortuary or

direct disposition facility

• Arranging for the preparation of the deceased for transport

• Close involvement with your selected, licensed receiving funeral home or mortuary to make sure your pre-arrangement wishes are fulfilled

• Arranging for the transportation to return the deceased to the selected, licensed funeral home or mortuary

• All documents including customs documents or diplomatic issues involved anywhere in the world

• Rigorous management of all cases to ensure the highest quality of services

• Set procedures for the time of need so there will be no added stress due to any uncertainty about what to do

• Access via the Internet to overview trends, recommendations or warnings regarding senior travel

• Access to electronic newsletter with travel tips and other interesting information

It also protects your estate through:

• An inexpensive one-time enrollment fee

• No additional or unexpected costs

• The potential savings of thousands of dollars in airfare and other costs if death occurs 100 miles or more from your home


Home Assurance Travel Plan Application

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