Seminars & Workshops

Senior Solutions Seminar Series

  • These events are typically held at civic centers, senior centers, churches or restaurants
  • A variety of speakers are coordinated to cover
  • Medicaid
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Elder Care (Such as an attorney)
  • Fitness
  • Financial Planning
  • And yes you guessed it—Preplanning and Funding options

These events are low cost and can be organized to be entertaining, not just about funeral planning. People appreciate them and they are a great part of Community Awareness for your firm. Our team specializes in helping you organize these events, we do the invitations and help you present.

IFPA Workshops

Designed for small groups. Invites are created from targeted groups within the database that have not yet committed.
Workshops are usually held at the funeral home.
They are highly interactive and a full arrangement is completed during the process.

We are here for you

Our goal is to contract with independent funeral homes to market and grow their pre-need sales through relationship marketing and constant communication with the community.

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